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Flax Seed Oil

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What's more, we package our virgin flax oil in safety-sealed, impermeable amber glass bottles. Safer for you and safer for the environment. Keeping the environment in mind, we also package all of our order in biodegradable packaging material.

We recommend you keep your Flaxseed Oil refrigerated from the time your receive it to the time you finish it. This will keep your oil as fresh as possible throughout its use. Each bottle is stamped with an expiration date to further ensure purity.

Our custom oil comes from organically-grown, hand-picked flax seeds. It is truly cold pressed in a light- and heat-free environment, and is the flax seed oil of choice for experts - LIKE YOU!


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90 90 Capsules $7.95 $6.60
Proven Benefits Still Pouring In

Since Dr. Johanna Budwig's findings on the benefits of flaxsee oil have been widely publicized, scientists around the world have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon. Studies conducted using flaxseed oil on numerous disorders have been pouring in from all over the world, showing impressive results, including anti-tumor activity, increased metabolism, greatly boosted immune system, reduced cholesterol levels, normalized blood pressure levels and inhibition of cancer cell growth. Books, research reports, articles and testimonials abound, all touting the healthy benefits achieved by supplementing the diet with organic, raw, cold-pressed flaxseed oil with low-fat cottage cheese. Dr. Budwig's research was based on using the ratio of 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil mixed with one-quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Backed with all this extensive research, the indisputable fact is: Supplementing your diet daily with flaxsee oil combined with sulphurated proteins could very well be the most important thing you do for yourself every day.


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