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Oil of Tamanu™ - The Sacred oil of Tahiti

The surprising properties of an oil taken from a tree growing in the countries of the Polynesian triangle. The Calophyllum Inophyllum (Ati in Tahitian),
has attracted the attention of botanists, researchers and doctors. The cicatrizing properties of this oil, extracted from the kernels of the fruits of the Ati tree, are exceptional. Applied on wounds or burns of diverse origins, this natural product gives results that surpass all hopes, as much as for the quality of the cicatrization as that of its rapidity. In 1938 Doctor Jeanson, a reputable Parisian biologist, began experimenting with the oil extracted from the Calophyllum Inophyllum. He was impressed by its numerous therapeutic properties, and especially its cicatrical virtues.

Oil of Tamanu

The multiple uses of Oil of Tamanu

  • To clean the face

  • For baby's diaper rash

  • After shaving the legs

  • For insect stings

  • To eliminate disagreeable body odors

  • To efficiently heal cuts

  • To treat athlete's foot

  • For scalp treatment after an invasion of parasites

  • To treat coral cuts

  • To relieve sunburn

  • To heat blisters on the feet

  • To relieve sore throats

  • To eliminate dandruff

  • To unstop nose sinuses

  • To get rid of acne scars

  • To prevent perspiration odors

  • To treat all types of burns


  • To treat abrasions and bleeding wounds
  • To treat ingrown or infected nails
  • To treat scaly dry skin
  • To relieve sprains and muscle strains
  • To treat chilblains due to cold
  • To treat wounds of trophic origin
  • physical agents
  • Post operative treatments
  • Treatment of lesions due to
  • Treatment of mucous membranes injuries
  • To have a good cicatrization


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