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Super Testron™

Male Potency Tonic
Enhance Strength & Sex Drive!

Originally designed for athletes, body builders and power lifters, Super Testron is an all natural supplement which can enhance natural testosterone levels without the side effects of steroids. It can directly help effect strength, stamina and endurance, along with sexual function and frequency. Acting as a natural anabolic energizer, it addresses four specific areas closely associated with improved sexual functioning: Sex hormones, health and special nutrients for the sex glands, muscle and physical strength, and activators... natural hormone precursors.
Super Testron is recommended to help enhance the following:

Strength * Stamina * Endurance * Sexual Function and Frequency

As a dietary supplement or maintenance program, take one caplet in the morning and one caplet in the evening. An additional caplet may be taken 30 minutes before exercise or other strenuous activity.


Each caplet contains Orchic Substance (Bovine) (200 mg.), Potency Wood (225 mg.), Trillium Erectum (225 mg.), Saw Palmetto Extract (100 mg.), Dioscorea Machro Stachya (100 mg.), Smilax Medica (Aristo Lochiaefolia) (100 mg.), and Sodium Borate (3 mg.)

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Available in 60 caplet bottle
Super Testron - Item # J9903
Suggested Retail....  $39.95 Our Price .... $36.95


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