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aCELLeration Gel Item #330
Item #330
Prep your skin with aCELLeration Gel before you apply your skin treatments. Otherwise you're just not getting the optimum results you should be getting! Sluggish cell energy and, thus, sluggish cellular response, is common after age 40. Using aCELLeration Gel under other night creams not only overcomes skin resistance, it greatly improves skin response even if it was good to begin with!

Energizing the epidermis with important major minerals and trace minerals does an amazing job in boosting epidermal response --- and RESULTS! So, optimum performance is virtually assured with all subsequent treatments.

aCELLeration Gel is an almost 100% concentrate of a special species of Hawaiian Seaweed---many times richer in minerals than any earth plant --- and with almost electric energy action! Used under other creams, it can be an invaluable supplement for youthful-looking skin.

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