Skin must be "In Condition" to fully respond
to glycolics ... and other rejuvenation treatments.

Learn why "Energizing" MINERALS and OXYGEN can mean
REAL RESULTS vs DISAPPOINTING RESULTS from your skin program...


Did you know that many skins over age 40 do not fully respond to
even the best skin-treatment products? Research by the French
Academy of Science illustrated that skin cells of some individuals
had a "total inertia" towards "rejuvenating" products. For others,
there was a state of 'minimum reactivity'. Skin resistance is common
after age 40, after sun plus wear & tear have created sluggish
skin-cell response.

A few skin-care scientists have discovered that to improve skin
response, we must first improve cell energy ... cell reactivity! But,
how can we energize the epidermis?
The Answer ... two elements
overlooked by many skin-care professionals...






Minerals, internally and externally, are of momentous importance
for optimum skin-care results. They are not given enough attention
in magazines or by Dermatologists, and are overlooked by most of us.

Minerals internally are a must for the maintenance of the millions of
cells in your body, and are necessary for vitamins to do their job.
One of the most common patient-complaints to their doctors is
"Chronic Fatigue". And did you know that the basic cause is
mineral deficiency?

Externally, skin cells, too, suffer fatigue ... lack of energy ... through
a deficiency in minerals; particularly trace minerals. Major minerals
improve epidermal metabolism and moisture. Trace minerals
(although minute in amount are as important as major minerals)
carry energy because of their electric charge.


Our Hawaiian aCELLeration Gel #330 is almost 100% seaweed extract with unique mineral & trace mineral riches as well as vitamins and amino acids;
an emollient gel extracted from a species of seaweed native to a specific area in the Hawaiian ocean.

Fed by powerful ocean tides, our seaweed contains strong negative ions (electronically charged atoms). These ions produce an electric-type energy that stimulates skin cells, promoting fresher, brighter-looking skin and providing an ENERGY that encourages a new level of response to subsequent skin treatment--whether they be for rejuvenation or problem skin.

Using aCELLeration Gel under other creams not only overcomes skin resistance, it improves skin response even if it was good to begin with!

Light, soft, #330 aCELLeration Gel, used underneath, will add an "electric charge" that can improve any cream's effectiveness. As examples, it aids the performance of glycolics as well as helps avoid glycolic sensitivity. Under elastin/collagen treatments, it helps firmness and moisture. Under InterCell (hyaluronic acid) Cream #290 or InterCell Night Gel #390 ... or under RevivaSome (liposome) Day Cream #286 or Night Cream #386, it aids hydration. Under our Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen Cream #384 and Hydrogen Peroxide/Papaya Mask #484, it aids oxygenation.

The latter are just a few examples. aCELLeration Gel is a wonder supplement under any other cream, gel or mask (and the prime activator used by professionals under Collagen Fibre Eye pads #450).

aCELLeration Gel Item #330
Item #330



Reviva Labs Hydrogen Peroxide OXYGEN & Anti-Free Radical Cream Item # 384
Item # 384
You take a deep, slow breath of fresh, balmy air .... the oxygen flows through your body, invigorates you ... helps you walk a step faster. Oxygen is vital to the life and energy of cells --- in your skin as well as through your body. Without oxygen, cells become unhealthy, weak, sluggish. Thus, a body, or skin, that is rich in oxygen will logically have more energy.

Scientists have known that when that good ol' standby, hydrogen peroxide, was applied to skin, it immediately converted to oxygen and water. But the oxygen would quickly escape, with no benefit to skin. BUT WITH NEW OXYGEN TECHNOLOGY, Reviva Labs offers stabilized hydrogen peroxide in creams and lotions--so that instead of evaporating, oxygen is "locked-in" and absorbed into skin directly from our hydrogen peroxide cream or lotion.

As we age, skin gradually loses its ability to absorb oxygen. So adding oxygen to skin is a major breakthrough! Treated skin is reported to undergo a cellular reawakening. The added oxygen helps detoxify and vitalize skin. Complexions glow with renewed vigor and vibrant energy ... energy that helps balance skin so that the rest of one's skin-care program can work better.

With Reviva oxygen and minerals as part of your skin care program,
your skin can look clearer...more radiant...
and more attractive than ever before!

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