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A New Cosmetic Line -- with NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS --
featuring nut butter from the wondrous Karité tree on the
Gold Coast of other plant extracts.

Special appeal for vegetarians--but beauty benefits
everyone will appreciate.

Your skin can be cleaner and healthier with
Cleansing Lotion and Skin Toner


Woman's Face Although Facial Cleansing Lotions are a growing market, the majority of women, and most men, still use soap and water to cleanse their face.

Soap is fine for the body. But if you are a woman who uses makeup and you're washing your face with soap and water, your face may note be truly clean.

And man or woman, if you live amidst city pollution or spend time near auto traffic, your face may not be as clean as you think it is.

Soap is an excellent surface cleanser for dirt or dust. But makeup leaves deposits deeper in pores; is not easily removed by soap and water. When makeup isn't thoroughly removed, it can clog skin pores. Many Dermatologists report cases of "acne cosmetic" due to insufficient cleansing of makeup.

And men who work outdoors or drive autos are exposed to a powdered garbage from auto exhausts called "acrolein". This, too, gets deep into pores and needs a deep Cleansing Lotion followed by Skin Toner.

What's more, daily soap-and-water cleansing can be drying to the skin. Beyond the drying effects of most soaps, tap water is generally hard and adds to the drying and lessening of skin radiance.

To prove soap's limitations, add some Cleansing Milk to a moistened piece of cotton. Then go over the area you cleansed with soap. You'll probably be surprised to see how much dirt is on the cotton from a face you thought was well cleansed with soap.

Woman's Face


Botanee Logo Botanicals with a difference --

Today's facial cleansing calls
for Cleansing Lotion & Toner

Cleansing Lotion or "milk" can reach deep into pores to emulsify dirt or makeup deposits. Then, these residues can be easily wiped away with a moistened cotton pad. You'd first use one side of the pad, then the other. Even deeper cleansing, as well as skin stimulation and PH balancing, is achieved when you follow with the proper Toner on a moistened cotton pad. New BOTANÉE Cleansing Milk and Skin Toner, featuring the amazing extract from the Karité tree in equitorial Africa, are a super-efficient cleansing duo which offer benefits not found in other cleansers and fresheners. Read further to learn more about the bountiful Karité tree and new Botanée Cleanser, Toner and other specialties featuring Karité nut butter.





The Karité Tree

... a legend rediscovered

Picture of a Karite Tree

On the ivory coast of Africa, legend has it that ancient ladies of royalty used the butter-like substance from nuts of the Karité tree to keep their skin smooth and youthful, to soothe skin irritations and to avoid dryness to skin and hair. Many warrior husbands used it to heal their wounds.

Keeping skin youthful is no easy matter in a climate that combines the harsh tropical sun, mighty winds and sand storms. And yet the bountiful Karité defies weather extremes and remains strong and "fruitful" through generation after generation.

The remarkable virtues of the "nut butter" from the Karité tree was rediscovered several years ago, and has been widely used in Europe the past 3-4 years.

BOTANÉE introduces Karité to America in products that soothe and have natural anti-irritant qualities. Thus, skins that get irritated from general cosmetics, or sensitive skin, will have a particular fondness for the BOTANÉE line.




The Botanée Karité Collection

Plant extracts (botanicals) are gentle, easily accepted by the skin; and are probably the safest, most non-allergenic of all cosmetic ingredients.

Now, the natural extract of the ancient Karité tree, already popular in Europe and Africa, brings new excitement to the benefits of botanicals.

Although Botanée's advertising focus will be on its Cleanser and Toner, the cleansing duo is supplemented by two other Botanée products (1) Hand & Body Lotion (2) Daytime Cream Moisturizer.

  • Safe for the most sensitive skins.

  • Anti-Irritant. Healing.

  • Moisture Balancing. Protective.


Botanee Cleansing Lotion & Makeup Remover Botanee Skin Toner Botanee Hand/Body LotionBotanee Protective Moisturizer
Botanée Cleansing
Lotion & Makeup

Cleans skin deeper, easily removes stubborn eye and face makeup. Gentle and soothing, even helps heal irritated skin.

Botanée Skin Toner

Removes cleanser residue, leaves skin in healthy balance, improves skin tone. And as first item left on face in morning, helps protect against sun and pollution.

Botanée Hand/Body

Soothing, healing lotion; ideal after washing dishes, or showering, or outdoor exposure. Leaves skin soft, silky.

Botanée Protective

In summer or winter the natural Karité extract provides extra protection, protects the skin from dryness or irritation. Improves skin texture, too.

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