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Plant extracts (botanicals) are gentle, easily accepted by the skin; and are probably the safest, most non-allergenic of all cosmetic ingredients.

Now the natural extract of the ancient Karité tree, already popular in Europe and Africa, brings new excitement to the benefits of botanicals.


Bottle of Botanee Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover featuring Karite Nut Butter Bottle of Botanee non-alcohol Skin Toner featuring Karite Nut Butter
Makeup Remover
Featuring Karité Nut Butter
Featuring Karité Nut Butter
To soothe and moisturize skin as you cleanse is not the usual achievement for a cleansing product. That's why this facial cleanser is so different.

Wonderous Karité nut oil is blended with a complex of plant extracts. These beneficial botanicals clean deeply but gently; your face emerges shiny-clean without the dryness you get from soaps or other cleansers. For sensitive skins, this cleanser is a MUST.

Pour small amount of Cleansing Milk to palm and work gently into face and throat. Or apply Botanée Cleansing Milk to a moist cotton pad, turning the cotton pad when dirty or changing pads until you see every trace of soil or makeup removed.

Ingredients: Water, safflower oil, glyceryl stearate SE, caprylic/capric-triglyceride, glycerin, Karité nut oil, wheat germ oil, lindenflower extract, fennel (and) balm mint extract, simethicone, citric acid, xanthan gum, methyl paraben, mistletoe extract, matricaria extract, propyl paraben, yarrow extract, allantoin, magnesium, silicate, propylene glycol, FD & C yellow #6

Big Consumer Value!
6 fl oz. bottle.......only $8.00

Cleansing with soap and water?

Most water other than spring water, is too hard and drying on skin; even diminishes skin radiance.

Your skin takes on a new freshness and smoothness, when you replace water and remove Cleansing Milk with Botanée Skin Toner.

What's more, the Karité formulation is healthier for your skin; restores ideal acid balance, helps soothe and heal any skin irritations.

And Karité Toner provides extra protective benefits against sun and wind exposure. Understandable, when you know that nature endowed the Karité tree with virtues that withstand the extremes of sun, wind, and sandstorms on Africa's Gold Coast.

After cleanser, apply small amount in palm or on moistened cotton pad and wipe face gently. Or use to refresh face anytime.

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera gel, polysorbate 20, Karité nut butter, cucumber extract, fennel (and) hops (and) balm mint extract, mistletoe extract, matricaria extract, yarrow extract, allantoin, citric acid, propylene glycol, hydroxymethylcellulose methyl and propyl paraben, camphor oil, color.

Big Consumer Value!
6 fl oz. bottle........only $8.00



Bottle of Botanee Hand & Body Lotion featuring Karite Nut Butter Jar of Botanee Protective Cream Moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin featuring Karite Nut Butter
Featuring Karité Nut Butter
Protective Cream
for dry or sensitive skin.
Featuring Karité Nut Butter
Nature has blessed the Karité tree's nut butter with qualities that help skin defy harsh weather extremes; as well as soothe and either help protect or heal irritations.

So use this lotion after washing dishes, showering or outdoor exposure; and to help soothe any irritation (chapping; after leg waxing etc.)

European women have also discovered the ancient secret of how Karité nut butter helps keep skin of your body smooth and youthful.

Ingredients: Water, glyceryl stearate SE, sunflower seed oil, glycerin, lanolin alcohol, cetyl alcohol, cetyl esters, Karité nut butter, octyl dimethyl, PABA, mallow extract, marigold extract, sambucus extract, simethicone, lindenflower extract, propylene glycol, microcrystalline cellulose, methyl & propyl paraben, cellulose gum, color.

Big Consumer Value!
6 fl oz. bottle......only $8.00

Most moisturizers feel good when you apply them, but they lose their protective qualities in minutes.

But Karité's heritage is protection; protecting the sleek, smooth skin of Gold Coast beauties and preserving their youth and beauty from the harsh sun, winds and windswept sand.

So although it's a light cream, Botanée Moisturizer offers powerful, long-lasting protection. Use it in any kind of weather--and know whenever you're outdoors, you're getting bonus protection from ultraviolet rays via Karité's natural sunscreen.

What's more, it offers remarkable soothing and healing benefits; so use it to treat chapped skin, sunburn or irritation.

When you're in an airplane or any weather extreme, use Botanée's Karité Moisturizer on face and throat.

Ingredients: Purified water, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cinoxate, glyceryl stearate SE, isopropyl lanolate, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, synthetic spermaceti, Karité nut butter, allantoin, microcrystalline cellulose, mallow-extract, ginseng extract, calendula extract, linden extract, cellulose gum, propylene glycol, methyl paraben, simethicone, propyl paraben.

Big Consumer Value!
2 oz. jar.............only $8.00


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Scientific studies prove that this ancient extract of the Karité tree has astonishing anti-irritant, protective, soothing qualities, and almost ideal tolerance for various skin types.


The use of plant extracts, in both medicine and cosmetics, continues to grow. And we're sure you'll continue to hear more about "botanicals" as more species of plants and trees continue to be investigated. According to the University of Illinois Medical Center, only one percent of the 750,000 different botanical species have been seriously researched.

Much of the impetus for using botanicals in medicine and cosmetics comes from Europe. And the newest star on the botanical horizon may be the natural fat or "butter" from the nuts of the African Karité tree.

Research from SEDERMA, a leading biological laboratory in France, reveals the following after studies on a clinical level:

1. In cases of cutaneous dryness, dermatosis, solar erythma, burns, roughness, ulcerations, irritation and chapping, Karité nut butter proved highly effective.
2. In 13 cases of "senile, atrophic, wrinkled skins on parts of face, neck or back of hands," all 13 showed perfect tolerance with these results: 10 of 13 showed "important amelioration."
3. In 2 cases of "atrophic skins with solar keratosis," both showed "important amelioration" and perfect tolerance.
4. In 5 cases of "dry, desquamative dermatitis on hands, 4 showed "very important amelioration" and 1 "limited" amelioration." All had perfect tolerance.
5. In 4 cases of diverse scars, 3 showed "very important amelioration" and 1 "limited amelioration." All had perfect tolerance.
6. In 2 cases of chelitis, 1 showed "very important amelioration," and the other "important amelioration." Again perfect tolerance.
7. In 4 cases of sunburn sequelae, all 4 showed "very important amelioration." Again perfect tolerance.

Studies also showed that Moisturizer with Karité extract spread on skin before UV radiation had excellent protective action.

Where there was skin inflammation, the study showed Karité's super-effective anti-inflammatory effects. Further, in testing it in formulations to prevent and treat scalp dryness, Karité nut butter provided good lubrication on hair, resulting in improved texture, brilliance and manageability. BOTANÉE is currently testing its own formulations for Shampoos and Hair Conditioner, and looks forward to marketing them in the near future.

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