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DERMAL-K - Vitamin K Clarifying Cream
Formerly available through dermatologists and plastic surgeons, this professional strength, full 5% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin K cream has been used by tens of thousands of people to alleviate spider veins, bruises, scars, stretch marks, and almost any type of skin disorder.
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2oz. Jar Item#........J9931 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95
DERMAL-C - Vitamin C Anti-aging Cream
This scientifically advanced 10% pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin C cream with molecular cage technology can repair and rejuvenate any type of damaged skin. It fades light wrinkles and makes skin look younger, firmer and healthier. Non-comedogenic.
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2oz. Jar Item#........J9932 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95

Our all natural line for PMS & Menopause Relief!
Because every woman has her own sense of balance...

progest1.jpg (7366 bytes) PROGESTONE-HP - For Younger Women
Contains 1,995 mg. of wild yam extract. This product is recommended for younger wormen, usually teens to early thirties, for the relief of PMS symptoms, i.e., bloating, headaches, mood swings and insomnia.
2oz. Jar Item#........J9933 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95
pro10.jpg (7287 bytes) PROGESTONE-10 - For Stubborn Symptoms
Contains 5,700 mg. of wild yam extract... a full 10% concentration. Recommended for pre and post menopausal women who have not had a hysterectomy and their adrenal and pituitary glands are intact and functioning.
2oz. Jar Item#........J9934 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95
pro900.jpg (7223 bytes) PROGESTONE-900 - USP Progesterone
Contains 900 mg. of natural Progesterone and 1,995 mg. of wild yam extract. Recommended for pre and post menopausal women who have had a hysterectomy, their glands are burnt out, or who suffer from Osteoporosis.
2oz. Jar Item#........J9935 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95
estrogel.jpg (6832 bytes) ESTROGEL - Natural Estrogen Replacement
This is a natural phyto-estrogen complex. It is recommended for any woman that is experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and cold sweats. This is a natural alternative to Premarin and Prevera.
2oz. Jar Item#........J9936 Suggested Retail $29.95 Our Price $26.95
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