Vital For Anyone on a Weight Loss Program
And, Reviva Labs Elastins are exceptional!

Reviva Elastin Night Cream
Item #365

Did you know that a substance in your body called elastin is what keeps the skin FIRM on your face, throat and arms?

You've seen women and men who look good after losing a lot of body weight ... but then you notice their neck and you see folds or loose throat skin. And with women in particular, you often see flabby arms.

Skin's elastin fiber is a "fabric" of elements ... elastin, collagen and mucopolysaccharides. Everyday sun exposure, smoking, environmental pollution all help to slowly alter and wear down skin's elastic fibers.

Slow, cumulative damage is the norm for elastin loss as we age. But, a special trauma like quick weight loss has equally quick consequences. And that's why after crash diets, you see wrinkles, sags or loose skin. We lose elastin during weight loss ... and the body doesn't replace it naturally.

Although collagen is responsible for controlling the water content of skin's elastic fibers, it is ELASTIN that controls the skin's elasticity, contour and firmness.

How do we fight elastin loss?

We can combat elastin loss by feeding the skin Reviva quality elastin products: REVIVA Elastin Night Cream #385 for the face and throat... and Reviva Elastin & Collagen Body Firming Lotion #388 for the arms and body, (Our Body Firming Lotion, when used at the beginning of pregnancy, has been proven to be unparalleled in preventing stretch marks in pregnant women.)

Back in 1979, Reviva Labs made cosmetic history by being the first to introduce elastin to America. But when ineffective imitations flooded the marketplace, elastin products lost their significance. However, the proper elastin potency is still the significant element in skin firmness, flexibility and resilience.

Reviva elastins not only have ten times more amino acids than most competitive elastin products (we use the undiluted concentrate powder extract of elastin), but there is a special sequence of amino acids in all our elastin products.

It is the special amount of essential amino acids, plus the inclusion of the two amino acids not found in standard elastin products, that are the keys to Reviva's unique effectiveness... and whether or not an elastin product can really do the job for your skin.

So if you are on a weight loss program, do your face and throat a favor with Reviva Elastin Night Cream ... and one-week-a-month boost with super-potent Reviva Elastin Ampules ... and for women in particular, Reviva Elastin & Collagen Body Firming Lotion for the arms and body.

Reviva Elastin Night Cream

Item #365

Always look for REVIVA LABS America's first..and finest ... elastins!


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