A Real Eye-Opener About Eyelid Aging:

Are you among the many who have neglected eyelid care and now experience eyelid sagging or slight drooping... so that your eyes don't look as bright or wide-eyed as they used to? Or, would you like to delay the look of aging that shows so prominently when eyelids lose their natural firmness?

A Woman's Face

There is no doubt that there has been a lack of truly effective products available for this most important facial area. Until now!

Eyelid Biology...

Each eye has two eyelids: upper just under the brow ... and lower the area right over the eye.

The upper eyelid area seems even more neglected than the lower eyelid, and each reflect a different problem.

With age and improper care, the upper eyelid becomes heavier and shows wrinkles, puckers or withering. For women, it means the application of eye makeup becomes more difficult. For men, it dulls the eye appearance.

And, with the same lack of care, lower eyelids can droop ... causing eyes to look unsymmetrical ... and can even cause a lack of field vision and light entry.

Heavy creams should not be used on eyelids. Whatever product used must be light and spread easily so as not to pull the thin, delicate skin tissues.

Serum RevitalEYES ... the answer to eyelid problems!..

It was only by researching the eyelid structure as an extension of our salon skincare experience, that we were able to finally discover a truly effective answer to eyelid problems. We can not promise aged eyelids the same wide-eyed look of youth, but we are confident that we can combat premature aging signs ... and help you realize visible improvement.

Our unique Serum RevitalEYES is non-oily, non-irritating, and its very light biological fluid is absorbed easily and immediately into the skin, very important aspects of eyelid care.

To help avoid withering of the upper eyelid, as well as aid the firmness of the lower eyelid, we've blended a unique herbal firming complex with stimulants known primarily in professional skincare circles---DNA and amniotic fluid.

DNA is nucleic acid, considered by many specialists as an invaluable aid to skin deficiencies. Amniotic fluid is rich in proteins, enzymes and essential amino acids which also help skin feel firmer, more taut and more resilient. Lady's Mantle extract is added to help soothe and calm the area.

This entire blend of herbal firming complex and vitalizing ingredients found in Serum RevitalEYES have been specially formulated for delicate skin tissue and answers the specific needs of eyelids.

Six-3ml vials of Serum RevitalEYES with convenient twist-off top for daily use.

Reviva Labs Serum RevitalEYES * A Treatment for EYELIDS and Under Eyes *
Item # 213

Serum RevitalEYES ... finally there's an effective eyelid treatment!


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