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Woman Demonstrating Mini Facial

Woman After Mini Facial

1. Using the Reviva Cleansing Milk for your skin type, apply cleanser on moist cotton pad and cleanse skin thoroughly. Keep turning pad until skin is entirely clean.

2. On second moistened cotton pad, apply Reviva Skin Toner (or Camphor Lotion for oily skin). Using quick, patting movements, work from neck up one side of face ... repeat on other side of face. This will further cleanse as well as stimulate. Pat dry with tissue.

3. When skin is dry, apply Reviva Light Skin Peel (Exfoliant). Apply light-medium coat over face and throat. Let dry 3-5 minutes. (Can also be used ... beautifully ... on back of hands.) After Peel has dried, rub-off with a dry cloth. This rub-off process removes the dead cells and dried lotion. To remove any remaining particles, wipe face with skin toner applied to a cotton pad, or rinse with warm water.

Individualized Face Mask

Dry Skin:
Almond/Carrot Oil Mask #421
Placenta Mask #458 or
Hydrogen Peroxide Mask #484

Oily Skin:
Mud Mask #452
Clearing Mask #422 or
Problem Skin Mask #449

All Skin Types: Seaweed Mask #499

Apply mask in medium, even coat over face and throat; leave on for 10 minutes, Wipe-off with moistened cotton pads or wash-off with warm water, then cool.

Complete treatment: Moisten clean cotton pad with skin toner, slowly press skin upwards from chin to forehead; one side of face, then other. Pat dry with tissue ... and viola!.. you have remarkably smooth, soft, beautifully bright-looking skin! Use a face mask once a week ... or just before that special night out.


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