Natural-based, Non-drying Skin
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Acne Dilemma

A number of studies by skin experts now provide clear evidence that rapid drying of the skin is counterproductive in the treatment of acne. This is an extremely important finding for acne sufferers, since most commercial acne remedies are, indeed, formulated for fast drying.

As skin-clinic findings indicate, preparations with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and resorcinol seem to work at first. This relief, however, is often only temporary. Actually, drying chemicals can set in motion a self-defeating cycle which soon returns the skin to its original acne condition.

The body knows that some degree of oil is necessary to protect skin from bacteria and keep it soft. Over drying can cause oil glands to compensate by working harder. Result? Within 3 to 4 weeks, clogged pores and more blemishes. Then, back to the drying cycle for the user.

In response, Reviva Labs of Haddonfield, N.J., has developed natural-based, non-drying acne skin treatments which are proving highly effective.

Users of Reviva's Blemished-Skin program are reporting "extraordinary" results. Many say they are experiencing significant skin clearing rapidly.

The Reviva program employs the use of anti-bacterial lotions and creams containing extracts, from plants, herbs and vegetables, such as papaya, camphor and thyme. These products - free of harmful chemical drying agents - are reported to gently clear pores of excess oil ... help soothe inflammation ... and restore normal skin balance. The result: A smooth, clear complexion.

Supplementary vitamins and minerals from your Health Food Store, are recommended by Reviva Labs for even more effective results. Specifically, zinc ... and to fight stress, either a B vitamin complex or Brewer's Yeast.

The products in the Reviva program are Camphor Cleanser #153, Camphor Lotion #154, Light Skin Peel #107, Normalizing Lotion #215, Oily Skin Night Cream #315 and Blemished Skin Mask #449.


Caring for
Oily Skin

Patience. That's the key word in caring for oily skin. Proper care, patient care, Reviva care... can restore an oily skin to normal. Proper care begins with proper cleansing. Do not use harsh or medicated soaps which can over-dry the skin surface; which can remove too much sebum and thus affect the skin's defense to bacteria.
Use REVIVA HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CLEANSING MILK #101 to dissolve impurities, fight bacteria and flush dirt and dust from pores, instead of harsh soap. Every other night, after MILK, rinse well and while face is still wet use SILICA FACIAL SCRUB #106 if skin has strong texture or HONEY-ALMOND SCRUB #105 if sensitive. (Continuous use can refine texture and help avoid blackheads.) Follow with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SKIN TONIC #103.

Item # 101

Item # 106
Item # 105

Oily skins don't generally use creams. On the American market, the few creams which do exist for oily skins are over-drying. REVIVA OILY SKIN NIGHT CREAM is unusual (and invaluable). It doesn't overdry but does check excessive secretion. It fights blemishes, soothes, helps refine pores, softens and improves texture. EVERY OILY SKIN SHOULD TRY IT!
Also missing from the American market is the proper light daytime OILY SKIN MOISTURIZER #210; valuable in protecting skin from the usual dirt and dust accumulation. It also combats excess oil flow and preserves moisture. (Even oily skins need moisture.)

The value of LIGHT SKIN PEEL once a week cannot be overstated. For oily skins, the removal of dead cell buildup helps avoid clogged pores. In addition, Light Peel's texturizing benefits are almost unbelievable! Follow Peel with MUD MASK #452. Again, patience and a Reviva program can help oily skin maintain the younger-looking, attractive complexion you've been seeking.


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