Skin Salon Secrets

Since Reviva Labs' beginnings, our products were formulated and produced for professional skin-care salons. Reviva works very closely with Aestheticians both here and abroad. developing products for very specific needs. But because of our emphasis on natural ingredients, Reviva introduced its extensive line of natural products to Health Food Stores; and has maintained a strong identity in these outlets since then. Here, we hope to pass on some tips from skin-care professionals for home care. But please remember that a deep-cleansing, thorough SKIN SALON TREATMENT at least once a month is a great investment.

Treatment for Under-Eye Area

Eye products should not be spread in or rubbed in, as in other parts of your face. They should be applied sparingly with finger tips in light tapping motions. Such motions stimulate circulation so important to the eye area. And the direction of movements is also important. Completing each movement in an oval-over the eyelid-can be valuable to you. In other words, try light quick tapping movements-like playing the piano-in an oval starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye and then over the eyelids.

How to Cover imperfections and improve Texture of Troubled Skin

Reviva's "More than a Cover Up" Day Cream #833, is one of the most unusual cover creams on the market. Neutral flesh-tone, it not only makes skin look better, it helps solve problems. Smoothed on, it makes skin look creamy, almost flawless. Good to hide any minor flaw like dark circles, spots, bruises, scars. Yet it looks natural; not at all like makeup. And all the while, ingredients like allantoinate and zinc oxide fight impurities and bacteria. Darker skins would use their desired shade of sheer Liquid Makeup over the cream. It's also an excellent sun block.

How to Treat Whiteheads

Two things you should NEVER do for whiteheads: Don't squeeze! (Blackheads can be squeezed, if you know how, but not whiteheads.) And don't overdry them! Whiteheads are oil (or debris like soap residue) that's hardened and trapped under the surface. Rather than drying, you should soften them. Soften as much as possible before trying to eliminate them. For example, even if your skin is oily, for 3 or 4 days we suggest you eliminate soap on the whitehead area and, instead, cleanse with Reviva Cleansing Emulsion #173. Then, do your Light Skin Peel #107 (and maintain Peeling once a week). And two other nights of the week, use Reviva's unique Silica Scrub #106 (gently), on the whitehead area. Silica does an excellent job on whiteheads. All along, softening as well as general treatment, use Normalizing Lotion #215 during the day and Oily Skin Night Cream #315 at night. Even if you have dry skin, you can use the latter only on the whitehead area, since these products do not "dry" the skin.

Getting the Most Out of your Ampules

Reviva's Ampules - Collagen, Elastin, Placenta, etc. - are among the world's highest-potency cosmetics. But according to the state of your skin, absorption varies greatly. Assimilation will be better if you warm the skin prior to application. After cleansing, place a wet hot towel over your face for a few minutes. Leave the skin wet before applying the ampule; then massage in the ampule contents.

Surface Dryness on an Oily Skin

Even oily skins get occasional dryness - from either soaps, improper "drying" cosmetics or medication, a cold or dry atmosphere, insufficient liquid consumption, or internal disorders. We call this temporary "surface or moisture dryness". DO NOT oil the skin or apply rich creams, as the answer. The proper treatment consists of a hydrating night cream that works only on the surface; isn't absorbed deeply. Plus the right daytime moisturizer(s). The rare night cream geared for this specific absorption level is our Cream Hydratante #312. And during the day our Oily Skin Moisturizer Gel #210 or Seaweed Day Cream #299.


Profile of A Woman's Face and ThroatThe beautiful, but fragile, throat...

For the majority of women, the neck area is one of the most neglected parts of the body. Yet, next to the under-eyes area, it is perhaps the first to show aging.

The skin of the throat is more vulnerable than that of the face. It is more fragile and with fewer sebaceous (oil) glands. Throat skin is subject to losing its elasticity...the most common reason for throat wrinkles.

To maintain this skin in perfect condition requires proper product care, good carriage habits, throat exercises and massage. And, it is important that when using moisturizers and face masks that you include the throat area in the application.

Reviva's THROAT & EYE CREAM #316 is a remarkably effective product that lubricates throat skin as it helps tighten and smooth. Its formula includes "phytostimuline" plant extracts and lecithin; it is used at night.

The THROAT& EYE CREAM rich oil formula can be effectively enhanced when layered over our light GLYCOLIC EYE & THROAT GEL #380. Also very beneficial: one-week-a-month usage of ELASTIN AMPULES #391 for special firming action.


Neck & Throat Exercises:
An Important part of your regimen...

1. a) Sit on edge of chair, feet flat on floor. Move head forward & lift chin, b) Place lower lip over upper lip & push it forward as though pointing. Maintain position for 10 seconds.

2. Bend head backwards. Place lower lip over upper lip. Move head right to left; pushing it with one finger. Hold to one side for 3-4 seconds before turning to other side.

3. Sit up or stand up straight. Turn head from right to left and then left to right. Also do complete circle; first clockwise, then counter-clockwise.

4. Several times a day, tilt head back, thrust chin upwards by placing lower lip over upper lip and continue pushing lower lip out to maximum until you can feel muscles pulling all the way to the top of your chest.


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