Facing the Summer Sun...

Woman Facing The Sun

Despite all the warnings about the skin aging effects of long-term sun exposure...as well as skin cancer...the majority of individuals still do not use sunscreens on a daily basis. And today, one out of 100 people get skin cancer! In 1935, one out of 1,500 people suffered skin cancer.

The proper suntan lotion when sun bathing is critical. But please remember that your skin is affected by ultraviolet light whenever you're outdoors.

New, added defense ... our Ultra-C cream.

Now, you can have greater protection than ever against sun damage with the introduction of Reviva Labs Ultra-C Cream. Ultra-C gets absorbed, whereas a sunscreen stays on the skin surface. Thus, used under a sunscreen cream or lotion, Ultra-C offers a dramatic new level of protection against free-radical damage. And, Ultra-C can also be used under your night cream the evening after sun exposure.

Too, DON'T FORGET USING ULTRA-C & SUNSCREEN FOR THE CHILDREN. The American Academy of Dermatologists claim that regular sun protection during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 78%.

Here's the Reviva Labs Array of Sun Care Products

SPF #10 SUNTAN LOTION #571, 4 fl. oz. Good protection from both UV-A & UV-B rays, yet it enables you to tan via tyrosine ingredient.

SPF #15 SUNTAN L0TION #572, 4 fl. oz. Greater protection if you're spending time outdoors. Fragrance free, color free.

SPF #25 "BEACH BABY" LOTION #575, 4 fl. oz. Ultra protection for baby's delicate skin as well as adults with sensitive skin.

SUN PROTECTIVE CREAM MOISTURlZER #296, 1 1/2 oz. jar. Now with SPF#25, an everyday moisturizer that helps condition skin as it gives excellent protection. Use under makeup or alone. Leaves no oily residue.

ULTRA-C CREAM #288, 1 1/2 oz. jar. As previously described, can be used under any of the above sunscreen products ... or alone.

VITAMIN E STICK #214, In handy lipstick type tube with SPF #15, offers important protection for the lips which have no melanin for protection. Excellent, too, for the sensitive under-eye area. Also fights chapped lips.

SPF #15 OIL-FREE SUN PROTECTIVE GEL #578, 4 fl. oz. Formulated specifically for oily or blemished skin.

TAN WITHOUT SUN #574, 2 fl. oz. For face or body. Apply evenly and in 3-4 hours, you get a beautiful, natural-looking tan. Doesn't rub off. However, it is not a sunscreen.

MOISTURE GLOW TINTED MOISTURIZER #295, 2 fl. oz. Apply lightly and it gives you a dewy, sun-kissed radiant look immediately. Washes away in a wink. For less color, mix a little with your regular moisturizer.


Woman Bundled Up Against Winter ChillFacing the Winter Chill...

That brisk, clean air you enjoy while walking outside literally drinks moisture from your skin. That's because winter air is low in humidity... so dry. And when you're indoors, central heating is an even bigger moisture thief.

Since winter leads to skin that can easily lose its natural protective film faster than the body can replace it, it's imperative to use the right daytime moisturizer to prevent moisture loss.

This means protective (non-greasy) cream moisturizer, not a moisture lotion. In Reviva's line, choose from Protein Cream Moisturizer #211, new Ultra-C Cream #288, Ultra Rich Moisturizer #260, or our RevivaSome (Liposome) Day Cream #286.

The most effective way to cleanse the face without drying skin is with a cleansing milk rather than soap. Examples are Reviva's Cleansing Milk #101 ... or for drier skins, our Cleansing Emulsion #173. Followed by Skin Tonic #103 or Elastin Toner #183, skin stays in healthy balance. For damaged or problem skin, use Glycolic Cleanser #185 and Glycolic Toner #184.

The Eyes (and lips) Need It..

The eye area and lips need special care. Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick #214 offers handy protection for both eyes and lips.This can be alternated with Eye Gelee during the day for supplementary treatment benefits. But at night, the eye area needs nourishment; like our Throat & Eye Cream #316; or Eye Complex Firming Cream #216. And for de-puffing or temporary diminishing of wrinkles, it's our Collagen Fibre Eye Pads #450.

Facial Masks - the nourishing kind (not the tightening masks) - are great winter skin boosters. Popular in many prominent skin-care salons, are our Placenta Mask #458, Almond/Carrot Oil Mask #421, Hydrogen Peroxide Mask #484 and Green Papaya Concentrate Mask #470.

With less fresh air, oily skins need deeper cleansing. So besides once-a-week Peel, use our Honey-Almond Scrub #105 (or Silica Scrub #106 for thicker skins) twice a week.


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