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"I decided to try your lipstick which is all natural. I find it far superior to any brand I have used before, even the very high priced ones." J.Q. Wilmington, DE

"I am just writing to express my gratitude for your products. As a teenager, I always had bad skin problems - acne and oily skin. I tried Clinique, Lancôme, and every other brand there was. Then I found Reviva at a health food chain. Now I get compliments on my "soft and radiant" complexion! Thanks so much." K.E. Laguna Niguel, CA

"I am writing to inform you that after a year of using Reviva Labs products for dry, sensitive skin, I am a very satisfied customer. I wish I had tried your products before wasting hundreds of dollars on products that were to be hypo-allergenic, for dry and sensitive skin, but weren't." J.K. Lexington, OH

"Every time I use your Light Skin Peel, I say the same thing: WOW! What a difference it makes on my skin." H.L. Honolulu, HI

"Green Papaya Mask is absolutely the answer for my damaged skin. Miraculous! It takes out the redness and burnt look with which I have suffered." L.N. Lorain, OH

"As your literature suggested, I've been using your Seaweed aCELLeration Gel under my night creams and masks for the past two months and your Light Peel once a week. I can hardly believe the terrific difference it has made in my face and neck."B.K. Plano, TX

"I have used several of your great products and repeat purchasing them. I felt I should write now and compliment you on your Glycolic Acid Cream. I have seen and felt the wonderful smoothness it did for my skin. I must also tell you I tried other Glycolic creams and they made my skin burn and smart." L. E.Orange, CA

"Thank you for a change in my look! I use both the Brown Spot and Skin Lightening Day Cream and the Oily Skin Moisturizer Gel. What an amazing difference!" G.A.P. St. Lucie, WI

"Over a month ago I acquired your blemished-skin starter kit. Later, along with more of those items, I purchased Light Skin Peel and Oxygen Cream. These products produced amazing, extremely satisfying results." H.M. Pittsford, NY

"Having terribly sensitive, acne-prone skin most of my life, I tried practically every product on the market which claimed to be effective. My frustration with these products led me to Health Food Stores where I discovered Reviva Labs products. Within 2 weeks, my skin condition improved. From that point, I have been faithful using your products, and no longer have a need for foundation. I am 36 years old and thank you for giving me 2 new challenges. 1) trying to convince people I'm not wearing makeup. 2) trying to convince people of my age (no one believes me)." D.E. Hockessin, DE

"I'm a forty-something greaseball with surface dryness. My mother gave me a jar of your Light Skin Peel and I realized immediately why she raved about it. Then I tried your Honey-Almond Scrub, Glycolic toner and Moisturizing Gel for Oily Skin. Your products are fantastic. No greasy shine, no breakouts, just smooth skin!" C.L. Annandale, VA



Picture of an IslandThe Ultimate Facial Mask:
Green Hawaiian Papaya!
(The one exfoliant gentle enough to use under the eyes.)

Exfoliant and Moisturizer
All In One Product.
The Difference: Unripened Green Papaya Concentrate.

Green Papaya Face Mask from Reviva gives your skin the benefit of both a moisturizer and a mild exfoliant and it's totally non-abrasive. It softens, firms, encourages skin moisture and radiance. It is so gentle it can even be used around the eyes and in other sensitive areas that are often irritated by other exfoliants.

This unique enzyme cream, caressed by tropical sun and volcanic soil lavished with nutrients, will impart a smoothness that will be noticeable almost immediately!

As a face or hand mask, it can be used as often as desired. In fact, frequent use brings more dramatic results!

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