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Reviva (re-vee-va)-to revitalize; live again; to revive or be revived; to come to life again.

REVIVA LABS was established in 1973 by Mr. Stephen Strassler, a former marketing and advertising executive whose "sideline" interest in skin care led him into becoming one of the first licensed Aestheticians (Skin-Care Professional) in the USA.

Even before the conception of REVIVA LABS, Mr. Strassler was an innovator in the field of skin-care. In 1971, he opened the first skin-care salon in the area. Using his background in professional skin-care and years of experience in product development, Mr. Strassler started marketing "Natural" products used in his own salon, to other salons. REVIVA LABS launch, two years later, was directed solely to the newly emerging American Skin-care Salon market. Even today, REVIVA LABS is one of the few "hands-on" Skin-treatment professionals marketing a "Natural" line of skin-care products internationally.

Long before there was emphasis on "Natural" products, REVIVA LABS realized that "Natural" ingredients had performance (without the side effects) that could not be matched by mass marketed products.

Their focus on "Natural" ingredients soon led REVIVA into distribution to the Health Food Store marketplace. This channel had so much more opportunity than the salons in the early years, that REVIVA then concentrated its efforts on these outlets. Due to Reviva’s Aesthetician background, which called for very individualized products for individual needs, REVIVA offered Health Food Stores the broadest skin-care line in the field.

Although a small company compared to America’s mass-market cosmetic brands, REVIVA LABS is respected as one of the leading innovators in the skin-care field.

REVIVA LABS was the first in the USA to introduce
(via Health Food Stores):

  • Non-chemical exfoliation - Light Skin Peel
  • A non-drying approach to Acne treatment.

First in America with:

  • Elastin
  • External Trace Minerals as a catalyst for absorption of active ingredients.
  • The "InterCellular" approach - by combining the news making Hyaluronic Acid and Glycogen ingredients.
  • Individual skin-care programs in trial-size kits.
  • Hawaiian Seaplant extract, with multi-benefits.

The most recent:

  • First in Health Food Stores with...
  • Soy Externally
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Stabilized ascorbic acid plus a special vitamin C component, ascoborbigen)
  • Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxygen) Cream.

With the new growth of Skin-Care Salons across the USA, REVIVA LABS has expanded its salon distribution to over 1,200 Skin Care Salons nationally, supplying both retail and private label (bulk) packaging; and still remains one of the leading brands in Health Food Stores nationally.

In the past few years, REVIVA has introduced several of its unduplicated specialties to the International Marketplace. REVIVA LABS has Distributors in the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and limited distribution in the UK and Japan.

The future growth of REVIVA LABS is very bright as the company pursues expansion into spas and International Markets.

No animal testing

Back in Reviva's beginning (1973), before it was a public issue, Reviva Labs emphasized our testing in Skin Care Salons, instead of animal testing.

Reviva Labs is probably the first brand sold in Health Food Stores whose products were tested via actual use on patients of Skin Care Salons.

Because Reviva originally marketed its products to the Skin Salon field, we were able to establish a panel of skin care experts to test our finished products. In doing this, we felt we secured even better information than the giant companies who were testing on animals.

We got more than Product Safety results, we got reports of Performance.

By law, safety tests must be performed for individual ingredients and finished cosmetic products. But there is already such a wealth of information on individual ingredients, that there is currently much testing duplication that could be avoided.

And when it comes to finished products, we frankly don't feel that animal testing can reliably measure the effect on humans. So Reviva Labs hopes that our "alternative" to animal testing is noticed and considered by the large animal testing companies, until a new scientific non animal alternative is developed.

Pledged To The Humane Society Of The U.S. - Not Animal Tested - "The Beautiful Choice"Reviva's membership
in Humane Society
and pledge for no
animal testing

Reviva Cosmetic Labs has taken the pledge of the Humane Society of the United States and has made "The Beautiful Choice" to promote consumer preference for cosmetics and personal-care products that are not tested on animals.

Reviva Labs and the Humane Society want consumers to know that when they choose products like Reviva Labs that are not tested on animals, they not only can look good, but they can feel good about themselves, because they have made the "beautiful choice" to help prevent animal suffering.

Today's consumers still are interested in good products at fair prices and according to the Humane Society, they also are interested in products that reflect compassion, like health and beauty aid products that aren't animal-tested.

The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act does not require manufacturers to test on animals. Use of many natural ingredients can preclude the need to test at all. And several sensible alternatives to animal testing have been presented to the FDA.

But, unfortunately, it is not easy to tell which products are animal-test free, or what any particular company really means in its claims about animal testing.

"The Beautiful Choice"
The Humane Society has created a simple identification program, a distinctive mark, "The Beautiful Choice" campaign - so the consumer can more easily identify products that are non-animal tested.

As a member of the "Beautiful Choice" campaign, Reviva displays the campaign slogan and logo in its advertising and promotions.

Reviva has pledged that personal care products marketed by its company have not been tested on animals either by the company or by any outside organization and that it will support efforts by the Humane Society of the United States.


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