Although Glycolic Acid Products are the
Important New Frontier in Skin Care
Glycolics Can't Do It All!
They should be alternated (or layered) with Liposomes, InterCell, Oxygen (Hydrogen Peroxide), Ultra-C, Sunscreens or Elastin/Collagen ... depending upon skin's individual needs.

Glycolic acid's ability to improve cellular vitality means a lot in fighting skin aging or problem skin --- but they do not add or maintain skin moisture or hydration ... or improve skin firmness/elasticity .. or add oxygen, fight free radicals or shield skin from environmental damage.

That's why it's important to layer other products over Glycolics or alternate Glycolics with other products --Particularly after using Glycolics for three months. Here are more details:

First of all, since a Glycolic Cream exfoliates, it is not a protective product. During the day, to protect from sun and pollution, a sunscreen moisturizer or other specific-need day cream should be used over a light application of glycolic cream.

And at night, individualized creams or ampules can be layered over the glycolic cream. (See other articles in this issue about skin's individual needs.)

Secondly, here's the long-term explanation not every skin care consultant can tell you... We heartily recommend a full DAILY glycolic program for three months--- with glycolic Cleanser, Toner, Face Cream, Eye/Throat Gel and Hand/Body Lotion.

But it can take 3 weeks or more before one sees a significant result. Incidentally, if one uses our exfoliating Light Skin Peel once a week---which shows immediate effects in shedding dead skin but doesn't work as deeply as the acids --- one could speed-up results of the glycolic program.

Getting back to glycolics, however, let us recognize that after three months, exfoliation and skin stimulation will reduce --- so we recommend that daily use of glycolics should reduce.

After three months, one can continue using the Cleanser and Toner daily for their mild exfoliating benefits---but the Cream, Eye/Throat Gel and Hand/Body Lotion just twice a week; and incorporate other active, beneficial creams and ampules in your skin-care program.


Layered over Glycolics could be: Fade Creams, Sun Protection products or other moisturizers. And after Glycolics or alternated with Glycolics, individual skins may need the following at different intervals:

HYDRATION * InterCell Night Gel #390 & InterCell Day Cream #290
* Liposome Night Cream #386
* Collagen Cream #317 & Ampule #392
* Seaweed Day Cream #299
OR FIRMING * Elastin Night Cream #385 & Ampules #391
* Eye Complex Firming Cream #216
And UNDER ANY of the Hydration, Firming, Oxygen or Antioxidant items, always apply aCELLeration Gel #330 OROXYGEN * Hydrogen Peroxide Cream #384, Mask #484 (immediate oxygen boost from product itself) & Scrub #104
* Liposome Day Cream #286 (for long-range aid to cell respiration with outside air.)
OR ANTIOXIDANTS *Ultra-C Cream #288
*InterCell products

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