Raindrop Now gain & retain
vital skin moisture
in a unique way!

InterCell Day Cream & Night Gel should be part of your skin care program.

InterCell, with hyaluronic acid, adds moisture in a different way than other moisturizers. It works with the liquids you drink to help skin gain and retain moisture.

Up to now there have been two basic ways moisturizers add moisture to skin. One way leaves a film on the skin to block moisture from escaping. The second features humectants that can attract moisture from the air when there is satisfactory humidity.

NOW REVIVA InterCell ADDS A NEW DIMENSION TO SKIN MOISTURIZING! The standard moisturizers that block moisture from escaping don't answer the need of skin that has already lost too much moisture. And, InterCell doesn't depend on atmospheric moisture; it adds moisture in any climate because it uniquely works with the liquids you drink. With sufficient liquid intake (6-8 glasses of liquid a day), it binds moisture from the liquids and feeds it to the skin cells. Between skin cells is hyaluronic acid, an intercellular gel that acts like a "molecular sponge". It stores water from the liquids we drink and feeds it to skin cells via osmosis.

As we age ... sun, outdoor & indoor pollution, stress, sickness, physical trauma, or dietary dysfunction ... all contribute damage to skin's hyaluronic acid and, thus, the skin's ability to bind moisture.

Moisture loss is one of the major factors in skin aging, and there are causes other than the loss of hyaluronic acid. But when we understand the value of adding InterCells's special blending of hyaluronic acid in low-humidity conditions, we answer a problem not solved by other moisturizers.

Moisture and the atmosphere... The skin's top layer (corneum) reacts to all external atmospheric conditions. If there isn't enough moisture in the air--low humidity climate, cold weather, heated rooms--your skin can lose more moisture to the atmosphere than the body can normally replace and skin can become dry.

"If the corneum layer's water content falls below 10%, it can also destroy the integrity of skin's surface and provide a portal of entry through which micro-organisms can invade deeper skin cells." (Research by skin scientist W. Blank)

When atmosphere is dry, think InterCell... With their high level of hyaluronic acid compounded in unique formulas, InterCell Day Cream ... and ... Night Gel ... can feed new hyaluronic acid to skin and help bind the water from sufficient liquid intake. Thus, skin cells can gain an increased moisture level.

InterCell Day Cream for daytime ... InterCell Night Gel for nighttime ... Why?.. InterCell Day Cream is formulated to work only on the surface, to offer protection as well as moisture-binding action. InterCell Night Gel is designed to be absorbed deeper into the epidermis--to help hydrate more than the surface cells. What's more, because InterCell Night Gel is so light, supplementary night creams could be used over it. For example, in severe dry climates, one could use Reviva Liposome Night Cream (RevivaSome #386) or Collagen Cream #317 over InterCell Night Gel for added hydration. And, because InterCell Night Gel contains so little oil, it can be used on moisture-dry areas of combination skins, or oily skin with a temporary surface dryness. (This is another distinction of InterCell in comparison to Reviva's other dry-skin night creams.)

InterCell also features valuable Glycogen in both the Day Cream and Night Gel formulas, to help ward off free radicals. All the external (and internal) help you can get against free radicals is important to your future.

InterCell Night Gel
Item # 386   

InterCell Day Cream
    Item # 290

Moisture Retention Assurance:
InterCell Cream By Day...InterCell Gel At Night


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