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Debra Ashely
Why Once-A-Week "Peeling" (exfoliation)
Can Help Your Skin Look So Much Better.


Q. I've heard the term "exfoliation" but I'm not sure what it means in skin care. Please explain.

A. On the surface layer of your skin, dead skin cells accumulate daily. Exfoliation is the removal of these dead, flaky skin cells. Every day, new cells form in the bottom layer of the epidermis and keep rising to the surface. As they rise, the cells gradually lose moisture until they dry out completely and turn into flakes. In this dried-out state, they're called "dead cells." So, each week you have dead-cell buildup, which not only dulls skin tone but could cause other problems. When you remove dead cells with the right exfoliant, you see an immediate difference. Skin looks fresher, smoother, more radiant.

Q. Doesn't soap remove dead skin cells?

A. Regular soap or cleansing lotions remove some dead cells, but not enough. Scrubs do more, but still not enough. Considered the best exfoliant on the market by over 1200 professional skin-care salons, is Reviva's "Light Skin Peel." Scrubs "rub off" some dead cells, but Reviva's Peel has papaya extract which actually "digests" them. Light Peel is all natural, no chemicals. You apply a thin coat all over the face, then wait for it to dry (about 3 minutes). While it's drying, the papaya is dissolving dead cells. Peel also has clays that absorb impurities, chamomile to soothe the skin and crushed almond and root extracts so that rub-off with a dry towel becomes gentle and easy.

Q. Is exfoliation and Light Skin Peel good for all skin types?

A. Yes, Light Peel does a lot of good . . . and is safe . . . for every skin type. Interestingly enough, skin-care salons report that Black and ethnic skins accumulate a greater degree of dead cells than Caucasian skin. So when enough dead cells are removed, Black skin shows a more beautiful response than any other . . . a "polished" smoothness and clarity. Also, as dead cells accumulate they attract more bacteria and toxins. Another reason for adequate removal.

Q. I have oily skin and pimples. Exactly how does it help blemishes?

A. Often, it's dead cells that block the oil from coming to the surface. And when pores get clogged, you get pimples or blockheads. So when you peel, you help keep pores clean and avoid clogging.

Q. How often should one "peel"? And how much does it cost?

A. Peeling just once or twice a week, after regular cleansing, should be part of everyone's skin-care routine. The regular 1 1/2 oz. jar sells for $17.00 the jar. Or $3.25 trial size to prove there's nothing like it.


Light Skin Peel...

A Breakthrough Beauty Treatment For Black Skin.

Did you know that African-American skin produces more dead-cell buildup than Caucasian skin? (and causes many skin problems).


Item# 107

Dead, dry skin cells accumulate on skin surface to dull skin and help clog pores. Using REVIVA all-natural LIGHT SKIN PEEL at least once a week is one of the best things you can do for clearer skin, smoother texture.
And you see results with your very first treatment!
Also important aid for ashy skin, dark spots or blemished skin. $17.00 the jar. Or $3.25 trial size to prove there's nothing like it.

AVAILABLE Through Cook's & Johnson Naturopathic Inc.


Use "Light Peel Mini-Facial" at home once a week, or for special "Night Out" facial...

to make skin glowing and fresh. Afterwards, makeup goes on more beautifully, skin looks exceptional!


The more you know about skin care,
the more you'll appreciate
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All Natural. No Chemicals.
No Animal Ingredients.

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