Soy Extract
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Soy Extract

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New SOY Discovery

Applied Topically
Does Wonders For
Skin Rejuvenation!

Soy internally has been
acclaimed in headlines world-
wide. Now Reviva Labs of
Haddonfield, N.J. has intro-
duced a special form of soy
formulated into a skin serum
said to deliver remarkable
skin rejuvenating benefits
externally for mature or sun-
damaged skin.
The light "silky" fluid features
a unique extract from the soy
bean plant's "extracellular matrix"
(ECM) researched and patented
in Europe.
Supported by a complex of esse-
ntial oils in the Reviva Labs
formula the serum is reported
to repair and transform the look
of sun-damaged or aging skin.
The researchers discovered that
gennistein-rich isoflavones in the
soy ECM had estrogen-like prope-
rties externally as does sot intern
ally of particular value for mature


The Reviva Labs "Soy Rejuv-
enating serum" is designed
as a supplement to one's skin
care regimen, used morning
and night under any other
According to Reviva Labs who
test their formulas in U.S.A.
skin-care salons, tests revealed
that after six weeks of usage
there was significant
improvement in skin elasticity
facial wrinkles smoothed
....with particularly effective
result for crows feet, lines
at the corners of the mouth and
above upper lip, as well as for
bags under the eyes it also helped
loose throat skin and hands.
Reviva labs spokesman calls the
new soy Serum a genuine "break-
through in skin rejuvenation". The
product is available at selected
Skin-care Salon's and Health Food
stores worldwide.

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