Only from Reviva Labs comes new Ultra-C Complex Face Cream... A Major advancement in helping to prevent skin damage and skin sagging...

There's a lot more than just sun damage that causes skin problems

Besides "environmental" air pollutants, work and home pollutants have drastically increased skin problems. Dust, cigarette smoke, contaminants from ventilation systems are just a few of these pollutants that affect us all. And, they all create free radicals that can lead to skin damage.

Reviva Labs has recently introduced ULTRA-C Complex Face Cream to defend and protect against free radicals. ULTRA-C contains ascorbigen, a very special vitamin C component derived from cabbage juice; it is particularly beneficial for skin. Combined with ascorbic acid (vita C) this new C-complex can bring truly remarkable anti-free radical defense against both pollution and the sun's effects on the skin.

So many uses...such phenomenal results!..

Alternated with your current daytime moisturizer, ULTRA-C introduces a new and different kind of antioxidant. Unlike other day creams, it offers all-day protection. And, it helps stimulate collagen production. This means that in addition to zapping free radicals before they do their damage, ULTRA-C actually helps boost collagen production so that skin feels softer, with more supple texture. It is an important aid to skin firmness and the battle against wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity.

"Improve your defense
against damaging
free radicals...

and you improve
your skin!

Perfect for sun protection...

Although ULTRA-C is not a sunscreen, when it's used under a sunscreen lotion or after sun exposure, it fortifies the sunscreen to offer a new level of prevention for sunburn and sun damage. So, whenever you are outdoors for any length of time ... winter, spring, summer or fall ... use amazing ULTRA-C under makeup or under your sunscreen creams ... and under your night cream the evening after sun exposure.

ULTRA-C Complex Face Cream gets absorbed into skin ... lasts all day ... does not wash off or wear away its protection in a half hour like so many standard day creams.

ULTRA-C Complex Face Cream ...
Item # 288

ULTRA-C Complex Face Cream ...

A new level of skin defense against free-radical assaults...

Extremely effective ultraviolet protection...

and a Special Boost to smooth, firm-looking skin.

and the
Allies in the battle against free radicals
and skin problems

Damaging free radicals are considered one of the mainsprings of skin aging. But aging is a complex subject and just one of its components... free radicals a boundless battle to combat.

Although stabilized vitamin C in our Ultra-C Face Cream adds new dimension in the fight against free radicals, there are other helpful antioxidants that function synergistically with vitamin C---as well as other skin treatments that augment the free radical battle and help slow the signs of aging.

OXYGEN, transported directly into the skin from stabilized hydrogen peroxide products, is one of the newest and most dramatic treatments available!

Utilizing ULTRA-C Face Cream under or alternated with our Hydrogen Peroxide/Oxygen Cream ... and employing other members of our Oxygen Line (Cleanser #101, Toner #103, Liquid Scrub #484) not only gives even broader anti-free radical action, but detoxifies, defends and helps de-stress skin too!

As we age, skin absorbs less oxygen. Adding more oxygen to skin not only makes it look clearer, fresher and more radiant, it makes the pores breathe out carbon dioxide (wastes) and kills harmful bacteria. Thus, oxygen helps detoxify skin as it strengthens its defenses and adds energy to help de-stress skin. All this while it helps force free radicals out of skin cell membranes.

(l. to r.)  Reviva Oxygen & Anti-Free Radicals Cream,  Oxygen Mask with Green Papaya, Cleansing Milk, Skin Tonic, and Liquid Scrub (non-abrasive)

Our OXYGEN Line of treatments & ULTRA-C Face Cream...
Allies in the battle to retain youthful-looking skin.


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