Reviva Labs Vitamin P Day Cream

Now Spider Veins and Redness can be Healed Instead of Hidden


For many people spider veins and redness is an unanswered problem that is either covered-up or ignored.


After extensive research of this capillary problem, Reviva Labs has developed a remedy: new , exclusive Vitamin P Day Cream.

The Problem ... & The Solution

Spider veins are capillaries that are dilated and expanded beyond their maximum elasticity causing tiny, spidery red threads to appear on the skin surface. These dilated, fragile capillaries do not remove waste and toxins as efficiently as healthy capillaries. That's why you see redness and feel sensitivity.

Reviva Labs Vitamin P Day Cream
Item # 261

The solution:
a cream that can help overcome the weakness of capillary walls, as it helps decongest clogged capillaries and helps protect the area from future damage ... and more ... are Reviva's breakthrough: new Vitamin P Day Cream!
Vitamin P ... and More!
To our knowledge, our Vitamin P Day Cream is another Reviva Labs Skin-care first. Rutin (from buckwheat) and citrus bioflavanoids are the elements in our formula know as Vitamin P, proven to strengthen capillary walls ... along with grapeseed extract as a co-factor.

Stronger capillaries help protect against future damage, as well as improve elasticity. But sensitive spider vein areas also need sun protection, so we've added SPF #15 to the formula, along with a special form of Vitamin C for anti-free radical action. The formula also includes soy and wild yam whose action in improving overall cellar functions helps remove toxins and thus combats the redness caused by congested capillaries.

Spider Veins Diminish or Vanish.
Now, Heal Not Hide!

With daily use, you'll not only improve the look and condition of spider veins today, you'll protect it for tomorrow. You can stop hiding the problem and heal it instead. Too, search for foods with Vitamin P and health food store supplements with Vitamin P;  they certainly help the external action.

Reviva Labs Vitamin P Day Cream


Distinction Between Vitamin K & Vitamin P Creams

Vitamin K is primarily for bruises, although it has minor benefits for some spider veins.

A bruises is a temporary injury in which the capillaries leak blood --- but the skin isn't broken. thus, blood collects beneath the surface causing discoloration.

Vitamin K Cream seals the capillary to stop the bleeding; the bruise gradually fades.

Totally different is Vitamin P Day Cream which, as described, works continually to aid capillary strength and function. Particularly when supported by the other elements in our Vitamin P Day Cream formula.


For spider veins and redness, we know of no other cream that compares to the concentrated action of our new Vitamin P Day Cream formula:

Ingredients; Sunscreens: Octyl methoxycinnamate, oxybenzone. Other Ingredients:Demineralized spring water, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, vitamin C extract, grapeseed extract, citrus bioflavanoids, microcrystalline cellulose, methylparaben, porpylparaben, simethicone, diazolidinyl urea.


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