Varicose Veins Lotion For Legs


Varicose Veins Lotion For Legs
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In the U.S.A. varicose veins are reported to affect 30% - 40% of middle - age women, about 15% of men are also affected.

Common questions to doctors and skin- salon aestheticians are: "What did I do to cause this?" ... and  ... "What can I do about it?"
Normally, doctors would recommend surgery or "scierotherapy" injections. Hopefully, that won't be necessary.

Reviva Labs can now offer an easy, safe and inexpensive alternative that can work for a large number of people who suffer varicose distress: our new Varicose Veins Lotion.

Our advanced formula can not only strengthen vein walls, it helps boost circulation and can diminish the vein appearance. (Because it aids circulation, it helps combats swelling of ankles and lower leg,)

Varicose Veins & Deeper Spider Veins Lotion with Vitamin P Horse Chestnut & More

Our Formula Difference...
For our new lotion, in addition to rutin, citrus bioflavanoids (vitamin P) and grapeseed extract, WE'VE ADDED A POTENT HESPERIDIN COMPLEX (a different form of vitamin P).
Our pure hesperidin is derived totally from lemon peel, (Other hesperidins are diluted from extracts of lactose or malto dextrin).
Further, THERE IS ALSO SPECIAL HORSE - CHESTNUT EXTRACT ... very significant in promoting vein strength and integrity. Our horse - chestnut contains 90% "escin", it's active ingredient.
Internally, the following nutritional supplements are beneficial: Rutin, citrus boiflavanoids (vitamin P), horse chestnut, grapeseed, extract, butcher's broom and gotu kola.

Varicose Veins OUT ... Lovely, Attractive Legs IN!

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