HTML 101 Uploading
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NOTE: Upload - to send file(s) from one computer to another.

Uploading is a little tricky, because each Internet Service Provider (ISP) does it a little differently. Some ISP's require you to get and use a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Other's have the FTP program built into the service. So the first thing you should do is check with your ISP see if there is instructions on uploading a web page. There should be something there, if they give you space for web page.

If you need to get a FTP program go to :

And download it.

Once you have a FTP program you must set it up to contact your web space. You will have to enter a FTP address (, user name and password, all you should get from you ISP or whoever is providing the space for your web page. After setting up your site information go on line, then have the FTP program CONNECT to your web site. You are now ready to upload your web page. If you can't connect to your web space double check your site information.

Select the files name(s) used in your web page. and click on upload button. You must upload ALL files used in your web page. All HTM files, All image files, All sound files, ALL FILES used in your web page. Remember you must maintain the same directory structure you used to design your web page. This means if you used sub-directories
<img src="pictures/image1.jpg"> (here you have a file "IMAGE1.JPG" in the sub directory "PICTURES"). So you must first create a directory named PICTURES, then go into that directory and upload the file IMAGE1.JPG for this file to be displayed on your web page. You can avoid this by not using any sub-directories, but if your web site start to grow you will find that you will need to use them to keep things in order.

If you ISP is using a UNIX server. UNIX is case sensitive this means that Unix see page1.htm and PAGE1.HTM as two different files. If call a file<a href="page1.htm"> in one place and <a href="PAGE1.HTM"> somewhere else, on a Unix server you will have problems.

To avoid this write all html code in lower case, save all file names in lower case, make sure all file extension are in lower case. ( .jpg ) (not .JPG ) Just do everything in lower case.

If you can't find or figure out how your ISP uploading to a web space works go to they give away FREE web site space
( 2- 6 meg ). They also have GREAT instructions on how to upload your web page. They even show you how to use your web browser to upload your web page.

After you upload your files you and others should be able to view your web page immediately. Get a friend to view your to make sure files are loading and links work.

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HTML 101 Uploading

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