The Knight

The Knight
The Knight (2)
The Knight moves two squares (left or right, up or down),
          and then one square over (left or right, up or down).

When my uncle Arthur taught me
           how to play chess he said "just think one, two and over". 

The Knight moves in a "L" shape. 
The Knight can land on a black or white square.
           The knight is normally slightly smaller in size than the bishop
           and looks like a horse or a rider on a horse.

To capture an opponents piece using the Knight,
move your Knight one, two and over, until you reach the piece you want to take, remove that piece from the chess board and place the Knight in it's place.
Only the piece on the final square of the Knight's move can be captured in a single move.


The Knight moves in two direction per move.
The Knight  does not need a clear path.
It CAN  "leap" over any piece.